Thursday, 11 August 2011

AIMST shines with ICT

THE presence of information and communications technology in banking and commerce, marketing, health-care services, communications, entertainment, transportation, natural resources management, waste management, robotics and manufacturing and space exploration.

A time will come when ICT will be as common as water and electricity.

There are many key areas in this field and software development is one of them.

It includes the development of intelligent software products such as agent-based systems, expert systems, search engines, malicious code detection tools, medical diagnostics tools and credit granting and loan-analysis tools.

Another area in which ICT is developing rapidly is the wireless and mobile communications technology.

The research and development activities in the third- generation (3G) mobile network communications has had support from the telecommunication industries.

Japan, however, is carrying out research activities in fourth- generation (4G) mobile communications technology.

With the deployment of the 3G network technology, mobile communications service subscribers can do amazing things that have never been imagined by them before.

In the future, more advanced communication techniques such as multimedia video conferencing can be applied using mobile phones or watches.

In addition to this, the new Internet protocol, Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), which has a vast addressing capability, will change the way people handle or use items.

One scenario of the use of IPv6 in the household would be like this: A refrigerator which uses an IPv6 address will check the quantity of items stored in it and, if there is a shortage, it will SMS the owner or places an order.

A career path in ICT gives one a chance to explore and apply new ideas and techniques in his life.

Hence, pursuing a degree in ICT is something that can equip oneself with theoretical knowledge and practical skills demanded by industries today.

AIMST's degree programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology meet the challenges in ICT.

A three-year degree programme in Computer Science with a specialisation either in software engineering, networking or multimedia is mixed with engineering to produce graduates who can meet the industrial requirements.

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