Thursday, 11 August 2011

SEGi secures quality IT links in partnership with Abertay Dundee

SEGi University College has further strengthened the worth and international recognition of its homegrown programmes through an academic arrangement with the University of Abertay Dundee (UAD), one of United Kingdom's leading universities.
Under the arrangement, students graduating from SEGi University College Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) programme will also receive a separate degree parchment issued by UAD, apart from their SEGi degree parchment.
UAD has a long history as one of Scotland's leading universities. Being among Scotland's top three institutions for research funding, UAD has an entrenched reputation for professionalism in offering career-driven higher education. It received top ranking by UK's Quality Assurance Agency when 79 per cent of graduates gave the "thumbs up" for the university's teaching methodologies and learning approaches.
All of the university's researchers are also involved in teaching and developing courses, giving students the chance to learn from world leaders every day.
Combine this with the fact that the university has an average of one lecturer for every 17 students and you have one of the best dedicated universities in Scotland.
In addition, the degree was recently boosted with IT Security components of the Certified Ethical Hacker programme through a collaboration with the EC-Council Academy.
"Cyber attacks are frequent and efficient. There are financial frauds, data breaches, cyber threats and attack news reported daily. Cyber attacks towards organisations increases steadily over the years, even with increased IT infrastructure investment every year.
"Organisations today are taking note on the importance of well- trained IT Security professionals on maintaining and securing the business and reputation of an organisation.
"The industry is in urgent need for cyber warriors to deal with cyber attacks that may occur anytime," said EC-Council Asia Pacific managing director Wilson Wong.
The Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) programme is a three-year programme which is ideal for students who wish to explore a journey in latest technological developments, techniques, and tools while developing knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the ICT industry and profession.
The programme develops students' entrepreneurial and cognitive skills beyond basic knowledge and understanding, placing the focus on also increasing their competency of analysis, synthesis, creativity and evaluation whilst developing other transferable skills such as problem-solving, communication and interaction.
Graduates of the SEGi Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) will be well prepared with a range of practical, business and personal skills allowing for a smooth transition into a variety of specialist roles within the ICT and business sectors.
During the course of the programme students will learn how to use relevant information systems, undertake investigations, analyse the data and information gathered and put principles learned into practice.
This programme offers three specialisations for students to choose from Software Engineering, Business Systems Design and Computer Networks.

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